"When I was young, I never thought, 'I can't do that." In fact, it never really occurred to me that something was possible or not possible. If I wanted to figure something out or do something in particular, I just did it until I figured it out or got to the bottom of it."



"...Perhaps, I wasn't born with the "probability" part of my brain.

However, after years of living in a world of probabilities, I finally caved, and for a long time I joined the ranks of mindless worker ants doing what should be done, in the only way people should do it, without any thought for "Should I be doing this?"

But, my innate design finally won out and the probabilities started to seem like imbecilities. So, I started a business. Ha! No more probably! I would figure it out and just do it!

And, I did.

Honestly, I'm just a girl who loves beauty, truth (and the pursuit of it!) and a good conversation, above all things.

I created Mogul Muse Magazine and the Visibility Goddess Experience for those, who like me, do not have that "probability" part of their brains and never consider shoulds and coulds, because they didn't realize such things existed. They only see what they want and they go after it until they get it!

My motto is:


I hope you'll take my challenge, and turn probably into, 'Been There, Done That!'"

Thalia the Muse

Professional bio

THALIA is Editor In Chief of VG & an iconic branding expert and mentor, working specifically with creatives--artists, photographers, coaches and writers--who are looking to stand out from the white noise of traditional marketing and social media by utilizing fully the physical expression of their authentic, innate genius and design—their real personality. She studied performing arts and is a classically trained vocalist, singing on stage with Jazz, Rock and Big Bands. Having worked as a graphic artist, Accountant's Assistant and in a myriad of other preparatory fields of study, she opened her doors for business as a mentor and coach to other creatives looking for clarity and entrepreneurial guidance in 2011. In early 2015, she started Mogul Muse Magazine (now the VG Journal), seeking to enhance the visibility of bold, rogue creative entrepreneurs and inspire the masses to embody their authenticity, becoming haunting examples of Living Art. She resides in Southern California with her husband of 22 years and her two sons.